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Acess Carrier Bags Shop Size Guide:

Our Carrier bag range is targeting our existing customer group who mainly operate in fashion and accessories industries.

To make things easier, below sizes guide will help you to choose the perfect size for different products in your shop.

SIZE 1) 55.5 cm x 46.5cm - The Largest Size carrier bag that we stock, big enough for our largest handbags. Ideal for handbags or a few garment in a bag. This bag is extra strength to prevent the handel from easily broken.

SIZE 2) 35.5cmx 45.5cm- Our Medium Range carrier bag which is ideal for medium size handbags, clutch bags and garment.

SIZE 3) 35cm x 25cm- Our Smaller Range of carrier bags, the size will be good for our evening bags collection and purses.

SIZE 4) 25cm x 18cm- Our smallest carrier bag which is designed for fashion accessories including necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc

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Carrier Bags